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iMasterArabic  A1.1 
Levantine & MSA

Follow-up to course "T3allam 3arabi for Absolute Beginners"


Speak Levantine Arabic, understand spoken Levantine and written MSA.Reading comprehension in MSA and Levantine Arabic.

Have you completed the course "t3allam 3arabi for Absolute Beginners" or can you (slowly) read and make basic conversation? iMasterArabic A1.1 is the next step to achieve your first milestone: Arabic A1.

Level A1 consists of 2 parts: iMasterArabic A1.1, and iMasterArabic A1.2. Just like all of our courses, this course follows our unique approach of teaching Arabic the way Arabs use their language: speaking and understanding spoken Colloquial Arabic, reading and understanding Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).


iMasterArabic A1.1 consists of 12 lessons of 1.5 hours each, so 18 hours of live lessons with the teacher. Each student is encouraged to actively participate and practice speaking in class. The teacher guides the students and gives them feedback.


In this course, all learning skills are practiced: you actively practice speaking and understanding Levantine Arabic (Lebanese/Syrian), and passively learn to understand MSA by reading and translating simple texts, as well as learning practical grammar with some writing exercises. You will learn the differences between Levantine Arabic grammar (for speaking) and MSA (for reading).


Levantine Arabic:

1. Understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type.

2. Express what you like and don't like, what you prefer, and your current state of mind.

3. Master saying and using the Arabic numbers in many different situations, such as counting, saying the price, age, date, etc.

4. Read and understand a simple text in Levantine Arabic.

5. Learn a Lebanese song by Carole Samaha.

Modern Standard Arabic:


Read and understand a simple text in Modern Standard Arabic, as well as in Levantine Arabic.

At the end of both parts of the A1 courses (A1.1 and A1.2) you will achieve the equivalent of Level A1 of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”, which means that you can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly, and is prepared to help.


1. You have completed course: t3allam 3arabi for Absolute Beginners,


1. You know all the letters of the alphabet and are able to slowly read words and simple sentences in Arabic, without understanding most of it.

2. You know how to join the letters to form words.

3. In addition to that, you will be able to work with more ease at this level if you can greet people and reply to basic formalities in Levantine Arabic, introduce yourself and others.


  • Learning new vocabulary and sentences.

  • Practicing speaking and listening to recordings.

  • Reading, listening, and writing exercises.

  • Watching videos explaining grammar.

  • On average, 3 hours of homework per week.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 23.56.28.png

On Wednesdays

Online via Zoom

€250 euros, excluding book 

Total of 22.5 hours at €11 per hour

This cost includes:

15 group sessions of 1.5 hours, 'live' with the teacher. Active student participation is required.

Total of 22.5 hours of class time.

Max participants: 12

Recorded lessons to watch later at student's own pace.

Weekly homework with digital vocabulary sets.

This cost excludes:

1 required book

Books and Material

Book iMasterArabic Level A1, by Nayla Chebli.



  • audio recordings

  • hundreds of Quizlet vocabulary sets.

Paperback €40 

OR: ebook €20 

Payment Options

   1) In advance for the whole course €250-

     + €40 or €20 cost of books and material.



   2) In 2 payments: €135 upon registration

                                €135 in week 8.

    + €40 or €20 cost of books and material.

About the tutor

Christie Bitar

Courses tutor_edited.jpg

Levantine Arabic (native)

 English C1, French B2

Christie portrait.jpg

"The priority in my classes is that you feel good, are comfortable to make mistakes, challenged to push your limits and happy to share the journey with a like-minded group." 

Originally from Lebanon, Christie is now based in Paris.

A certified iMasterArabic teacher, Christie possesses a rare combination of knowledge, passion, and empathy that allows her to inspire and motivate her students to reach their full potential. She understands that each student learns differently and is committed to providing personalised attention and support to ensure that every student can thrive.

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