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About Us

"Our goal as teachers at iMasterArabic is to constantly stimulate the interest of students, keep them motivated and make them ask for more. That's why our teaching method is informal, interactive, and engaging."

- Nayla Chebli (founder, writer and teacher)

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Welcome to iMasterArabic!
We're a team of language enthusiasts who've been teaching Arabic for over 20 years, and we've developed our own unique method that'll have you speaking like a local in no time.

Our Method

"We're not just teaching you how to ask for directions to the souq, we're also making sure you can read Arabic books, articles, and news like a pro."


Over the past 20 years, we have developed, improved, and fine-tuned our method, which is based on six comprehensive study books.

What sets our teaching method apart is its unique blend of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and spoken Levantine Arabic, which mirrors how the language is used in the Arab world. In daily life, colloquial Arabic is the predominant form of communication, whereas MSA is the official written language taught in schools. Our approach is to give students the tools they need to communicate in colloquial Arabic while also understanding written MSA, which allows them to read books, articles, and follow the Arabic news.

Our Community

"We're not here to just sell you lessons, we're here to create a community of learners and passionate teachers who love all things Arabic. So if you're ready to dive in, join the iMasterArabic family today!"

Our services are aimed at two key groups: enthusiastic students of the Arabic language and passionate teachers who want to share their love of this beautiful language with others using our method. We prefer to think of these groups as community members rather than "customers."

Our Study Material

"Our study material is like the Swiss Army Knife of language learning. It's got everything you need."

Our study material is designed to enhance all learning skills:  speaking, understanding spoken and written Arabic, reading, and writing. It consists of six workbooks, audio recordings, videos, and thousands of Quizlet vocabulary sets. We've also added plenty of humor, colours, and illustrations to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.


".... because sharing is caring"

Although we considered keeping our teaching method to ourselves, we believe in sharing knowledge with others who have the self-discipline to study on their own. That's why we've made our material available to anyone who shares our passion for learning the Arabic language.

Our Values

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We are passionate about the Arabic language and culture.

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We value creative  teaching methods to never stop learning.

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We are enthusiastic, fun, and practical.

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We are considerate and patient; we never give up on anyone.

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We build trustful and long-standing relationships.

Our Story

How did it all start?

Our Founder

Nayla Chebli, the founder of iMasterArabic, was born and raised in Lebanon.

She received her Baccalaureat I and II in Arabic literature from an international school in Lebanon. After immigrating to Canada with her family, she pursued her higher education at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. It was during her time at McGill that she discovered her passion for teaching while working as a Teachers Assistant and

tutoring students in Information Technology.

After completing her studies, Nayla worked for 8 years as an Account Manager and trainer in Canada, the U.S., France, and Belgium. While working in Canada, she met her Dutch husband and eventually moved with him to Amsterdam in 1999. She has been residing in Amsterdam ever since


Nayla Chebli

Founder iMasterArabic

Our Students

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