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iMasterArabic  B1.2

Online. A speaking course Levantine Arabic for intermediate to advanced students. 


This course is for intermediate to advanced students who already have a good base of Levantine Arabic and are able to read the Arabic script and want to practice and improve speaking skills. 

Lesson material include book iMasterArabic A2/B1, a Levantine Arabic story reader, Arabic series or movies (with subtitles), Arabic songs, digital vocabulary lists and games. 

The course aims at helping the student express him/herself with ease and fluency and to enrich his/her vocabulary with a spectrum of different themes and subjects. 


 1. To get around easily using the Arabic language in a Middle-Eastern country.

 2. To be able to fluently tell a detailed story in Levantine Arabic.

 3. To be able to tell the general events of a film or tv series.

 4. To be able to communicate in Levantine Arabic with an Arabic family member, friend, colleague, or acquaintance.

5. Understand a song in Levantine Arabic.


1. You have completed up to course iMasterArabic B1.1.


1. You have a good knowledge of basic spoken Arabic: greetings, formalities, to introduce yourself and others, ask simple questions and count at least till 20.

2. You are able to read and write words in the Arabic script.

3. You are fluent with conjugating Form I verbs in the present, past tense and future tense, as well as using all these tenses in sentences while speaking.


  • Learning new vocabulary and sentences using an app.

  • Practicing with speaking and listening to recordings.

  • Reading, listening, and writing exercises.

  • Watching a movie or series and speaking about it in class.


On Tuesdays

Online via Google Meet

€380or 2 x €200, excluding book

Total of 33 hours, at 12 per hour.


22 sessions of 1.5 hours, 'live' with the teacher, and active student participation. So a total of 33 hours of live course time.

Recorded lessons to watch later at student's own pace.

Weekly homework with digital vocabulary sets.

This cost excludes:

1 required book

Books and Material

Book iMasterArabic Level 3/B1 , by Nayla Chebli


  • audio recordings

  • hundreds of Quizlet vocabulary sets

Paperback: €40 


OR e-book: €20

About the tutor


Levantine Arabic (native)

Lena Dahdal


 English B1, Dutch B2

Lena Portrait_edited.jpg

"To me, the Arabic language is a true work of art, and I find great joy in passing on its beauty to others."

Originally from Syria, based in the Netherlands since 2013. With over 25 years of experience, Lena puts her heart and soul into each and every lesson. She's passionate about her students and is keen about their individual progress.  She loves adding her favourite Arabic songs to her teaching program, because songs tell us a lot about the culture.

Payment Options

   1) In advance for the whole course €380-

     + €40 or €20 cost of books and material.



   2) In 2 payments: €200 upon registration

                                €200 in week 11

    + €40 or €20 cost of books and material.

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