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iMasterArabic B1.1

Online. Follow-up to course iMasterArabic 2.3.


Speak Levantine Arabic, understand spoken Levantine and written MSA. 

This course is for intermediate to advanced students who have completed iMasterArabic Level A2, and is the first step towards achieving Level B1. 


In this course, you will study and practice the first part of the book iMasterArabic Level 3.


The course begins with an intensive focus on the negation of verbs in Levantine Arabic as well as MSA, covering different tenses, subjects and themes. 


You will also practice irregular plurals of nouns and adjectives, applying them through practical exercises and texts.


Moreover, you will expand your vocabulary with topics such as countries, weather, politics and actualities.


The lessons dedicate ample time for speaking practice with the teacher and classmates, allowing you to enhance your conversational skills.


Additionally, you will practice reading and comprehending short texts in MSA. 


Take your Arabic proficiency to the next level by achieving level B1! 


At the end of this course, you can

1. Use the negation of verbs in your conversations in Levantine Arabic and in different contexts.

2. Understand short spoken as well as written MSA texts where the negation is central.

3. Know the plurals of thousands of words and apply them in your conversations.

4. Know the names of countries, capitals and cities all over the world.

5. Describe and understand detailed spoken as well as written weather forecasts.


1) Completed course iMasterArabic Level A2.3


1) You are proficient with the conjugation and use of FORM I verbs in sentences in the past, present, and future tense, as well as using them in conversations and different contexts as described in the objectives of course A2.3.

2) Are familiar with the dual form and regular plurals of nouns and adjectives

It is a plus (but not necessary) if you are familiar with:

1) Talking about the family

2) Describing people, things, and events

3) Ordering at a restaurant

4) Purchasing groceries, describing food.


  • Learning new vocabulary and sentences.

  • Practicing with speaking and listening to recordings.

  • Reading, listening, and writing exercises.

  • On average 3-4 hours of homework per week.

Arabic Level 3 Cover.png

On Tuesdays

Online via Zoom

€380 or 2 payments of €200

Total of 33 hours, at €12 per hour.

The costs include:     

22 live sessions with the teacher and active student participation.

Total of 33 hours.

Recorded lessons to watch later at student's own pace.

Weekly homework with digital vocabulary sets.

This cost excludes:

1 required book

Books and Material

Book iMasterArabic Level A2 , by Nayla Chebli


  • audio recordings

  • hundreds of Quizlet vocabulary sets


Paperback: €40 

  • Book iMasterArabic Level B1




OR e-book: €20

  • ebook iMasterArabic Level A2/B1

About the tutor


Levantine Arabic (native)

Nayla Chebli

 English C1, French C1, Dutch C1


I am Nayla, born and raised in Lebanon, living in the Netherlands since 22 years. I am the founder of iMasterArabic and the writer of all our books. After all these years, my passion is still teaching. Being in class with my students relaxes me and makes me forget all other 'worries'. My goal is to relay my passion to my students and make them enjoy every second of learning Arabic, immerse in the culture and directly apply what they learned.

Payment Options

1. In advance for the whole course: €380 

    (includes 20 euros discount)

+ €40 for paperback books or €20 for ebooks.


2. In two instalments:

   €200 upon registration

    €200 halfway, in week 11

+ €40 for paperback books or €20 for ebooks.

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