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Welcome to iMasterArabic
"Ahlan wa sahlan!"
أهلاً وسَهلاً


Speak Levantine Arabic,
read and understand Modern Standard Arabic

We teach Arabic in a fast, easy way and take you on a journey to a whole new culture.

Learn Arabic, Arabisch leren, Leer Arabisch

Why learn Arabic with us?

The method of iMasterArabic

Learn and speak arabic like a native speaker

Group courses iMasterArabic

Efficient, practical, fun and effective

The iMasterArabic team

Experienced native-speakers who are passionate about the Arabic language, and provide personalised attention


Years of Teaching


Happy Students


Online Classes


Arabic is my mother tongue, my passion, my culture and my pride. It's my mission to make the Arabic language and culture accessible to everyone.

Nayla Chebli (founder, writer and teacher)


All courses are given online , live with the teacher. You can sign up from anywhere in the world.
The scheduled time is local.

Arabic course for beginners

T3allam 3arabi for Absolute Beginners

Speak and understand Levantine Arabic, learn reading and writing Arabic

Advanced Arabic course

iMaster Bil-3arabi

A speaking course Levantine Arabic for intermediate to advanced students

Not sure which course is the right one for you?