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“Arabic is my mother tongue, my passion, my culture, and my pride! Making the Arabic language and culture accessible to everyone is my mission.” Nayla Chebli (founder and teacher).

Master Arabic was founded by Nayla Chebli, born and raised in Lebanon where she studied at an international school and obtained her Baccalaureat I and II in Arabic Literature. After that she immigrated with her family to Canada, where she completed her studies at McGill university in Montreal, Quebec. At McGill she discovered her love for teaching while tutoring students in Information Technology as a Teacher Assistant. After she completed her studies she worked for 8 years as an Account Manager and trainer at companies in Canada, the U.S., France and Belgium. During her working years in Canada, she met her Dutch husband, and moved with him to Amsterdam. She has been living in Amsterdam since 1999.

Why learn Arabic with us?


The teachers are all native-speakers with more than 10 years of experience teaching Arabic. What distinguishes our teachers even more is their enthusiasm,  patience, and  passion about teaching the Arabic language, and their  deep understanding and appreciation of the Arabic culture and different dialects. The goal of each of our teachers is to motivate and stimulate the interest of the students by providing them with fun, interactive, and effective classes.

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