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Workbook in A4 format, 162 pages, colourful, with writing, reading, listening, and speaking exercises.It includes audio recordings, vocabulary lists and the solution of the exercises, and is perfectly suitable for self-studying.


This workbook is a sequel to the book Master Arabic Reading and Writing for beginners.This is a unique book, as it teaches the student both MSA and the Levantine dialect! The grammar and vocabulary are listed next to each other, which means you have a handy overview of both the Modern Standard Arabic and the dialect. You can learn Arabic the way it suits you personally:

-Reading and comprehension skills in MSA and speaking skills in dialect.

-The entire learning method (reading-, speaking-, and writing skills) in MSA.

-The entire learning method in Levantine dialect.


After completing this book, you achieve the equivalent of the A1 level of the CEFR.


iMasterArabic Level A1

€ 40,00Prijs
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