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Learn Lebanese Arabic:

A Speaking Course for Beginners, with fun exercises, vocabulary lists, cultural information and some basic grammar. Learn speaking the colloquial Arabic of the Levant region (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and North Jordan) with a Lebanese accent. Communicate with your Arabic friends, family and/or colleagues like a native speaker!


This book is written in modern transcription (latin alfabet), in order to help you practice speaking as fast as possible without learning the Arabic alphabet.

It is perfectly suited for self-studying using the audio recordings and the solution of the exercises at the end of the book. 116 pages, fully coloured and illustrated and comes with audio fragments.


Master Arabic:

Arabic a difficult language? Not with this book! This unique book is for everyone looking for an effective method in learning reading and writing the Arabic script as well as building a solid vocabularyin Modern Standard Arabic. Unlike all other books for learning Arabic, this book gradually builds on the knowledge of the Arabic alphabet and is accompanied by audio recordings. It is colorful, with pictures and visual cues,which makes it user-friendly and intuitive, and thus perfectly suited for self-study. Before you know it, you find yourself being able to read and write while having learnt hundreds of new words. 170 pages, fully coloured and illustrated, and comes with audio fragments.




E-books Absolute Beginners Bundle

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