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T3allam 3arabi for Absolute Beginners

Online Intensive Summer Course

  • Started Aug 3
  • €195 excluding books
  • Online via Zoom

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This course is given online, via Zoom, live with the teacher. Active participation is required of the students in order to practice speaking, reading and interactive games. Learn reading the Arabic script, speaking in Levantine Arabic (Lebanon, Syria dialect) and build a solid vocabulary of 300 words in only 6 weeks! In this intensive summer course, you learn Arabic the way Arabs use their language: you learn reading and understanding Modern Standard Arabic, while speaking a colloquial variation of Arabic: Levantine Arabic (which is the dialect of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and North Jordan). Part of the lesson is dedicated to the Arabic alphabet, using a unique method developed by the “iMasterArabic” language institute. You practice reading individual words, then sentences, and at the end a whole story in Modern Standard Arabic. You also learn the rules of writing; how to connect the letters together to form words. In parallel, you learn and practice basic conversation in the Levantine dialect (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, North Jordan): greeting and formalities, talking about yourself and getting to know someone, offering and asking for a drink, counting, and asking simple questions. Objectives of this course: 1. Read and understand a short text in Modern Standard Arabic. 2. Write words using the Arabic script. 3. Build a solid basic vocabulary of around 300 words. 4. Count till 10. 5. Greet people and answer basic formalities. 6. Introduce yourself and others, ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live, where you learn Arabic, and what you do in life, and offer and order drinks. Homework: Learning new vocabulary and sentences, reading, listening and writing exercises. On average, students spend about 3 hours per week on their homework. The costs include: - 24 hours of 'live' course time with the teacher, and active student participation in 6 weeks instead of 12 weeks. - recorded lessons to watch later at student's own pace. - homework - app with built-in vocabulary The costs exclude the books. The following books have to be purchased separately: 1. Book with audio: Learn Lebanese Arabic, €25 or ibook (for Apple) via Apple's ibook store: €10. 2. Book: Master Arabic Reading and Writing for beginners, €30 or: ebook, €20. or: Leer Arabisch Lezen en Schrijven voor beginners, €35. For an impression of the books, please visit our bookstore:

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