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iMaster Darija Maghrebiyya 

A Speaking Course for Beginners


Please note: this course is given in Dutch! If you are interested and cannot speak Dutch please contact us via the Chat below!

This course is given online, "live" with the teacher. Active participation is expected.

In this Basic Moroccan Arabic course you will learn the basics of Arabic that will be understood in Morocco and in large parts of Algeria and Tunisia. It is primarily a conversation course. Listening and speaking are central and are practiced around everyday themes such as: introducing yourself, doing shopping and asking for directions. Relevant vocabulary lists are provided during each lesson. In addition, the background of the language and cultural aspects of Morocco are discussed.


1. Quickly learn the basics of the Maghrebi dialect.

2. Being able to have conversations with people from the Maghreb region.

3. Understand spoken Darija Maghrebiyya.

4. Get along fine on holiday in the Maghreb region or doing business in the regio.


No previous knowledge is required.

Knowledge of the Arabic script is a plus! 


  • Learning new vocabulary and sentences.

  • Practicing speaking and listening to recordings.

  • Watching videos.

  • On average, 2 hours of homework per week.

Yalla yalla.png

On Tuesdays

Online via Google Meet

€180 euros, excluding book 

Total of 18 hours at €10 per hour

This cost includes:

12 group sessions of 1.5 hours, 'live' with the teacher. Active student participation is required.

Total of 18 hours of class time.

Max participants: 12

Recorded lessons to watch later at student's own pace.

Weekly homework with digital vocabulary sets.

This cost excludes:

1 required book

Books and Material

Book Yalla Yalla , by Uitgeverij Coutinho. Including:

  • Digital material (audio and video)

Paperback €25

Payment Options

   In advance for the whole course €180.

     + €25 cost of books and material.



About the tutor

Larbi Afia

Courses tutor_edited.jpg

Moroccan Arabic (native), Modern Standard Arabic.

 Dutch C2, English C1


Larbi, originally from Tangier, Morocco, residing in the Netherlands.

"With years of experience teaching Arabic, I am excited to help you learn this beautiful and rich language. In my classes, we focus on both the basics and more advanced aspects of Arabic, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and of course, conversation skills. I can make you speak any of the different dialects in Morocco with with ease and self-confidence. We will also explore the cultural aspects of the language, such as food, music and traditions. My goal is to create an interactive and engaging learning environment where you feel comfortable to learn and grow. I look forward to starting this language journey together. Yalla, let's get started!"

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